Frequently Asked Questions


This is a special cart where you can add the girls that you like and purchase them.

How can I add the girls that I want to purchase in my BABE CART?

Using our "ADD HER TO YOUR CART" button, which is available on all video and photo pages of our Models.

What is a COLLECTORS account? How can I get one?

With a COLLECTORS account, you can only access to the photos/videos you paid for. There are no hidden charges, you only have to pay for the scenes you want. You can get a COLLECTORS account just after you added at least 1 scene to your BABE CART and clicked on PURCHASE NOW button in YOUR SEXY SELECTION page.

Do I have to pay for the VIDEOS and the PICTURES separately?

NO. When you purchase a "set" as a COLLECTOR, you pay the access for the PICTURES AND THE VIDEOS, so both content is included in the price.

How Long time my membership will be active, if I create my own collection buying the girls that I like.

365 Days minimum. You can always login to your member area and enjoy the models that you have purchased. When you purchase a girl, your membership is always extended to 1 year. For example: You bought a girl on 18th, November 2008., then your collectors membership will expire on 18th, November 2009. BUT if you buy another girl on 21st, January 2009. Your membership expire date will be 21st, January 2010.

Is there any hidden rebill after I signed up with a COLLECTORS account?

Absolutely NO. All models that you purchase are paid once. You can not be rebilled, if you purchase the only models that you like. There are no hidden fees!

What can I download if I have my "Private Collection"?

You can only download the videos and the pictures that you bought. You can see them all in your member area.

How many girls can I buy?

You can buy as many as you like. If you buy 5 girls at once, you have one bonus available on the site.

Why can I add only 10 models and 2 bonus sets to MY BABE CART?

Because the number of the models per cart is limited. If you need to buy more you only need to take purchase your selection in your current BABE CART and then restart to select other models your NEW BABE CART.

Will I have a new access codes every time when I purchase a new Model?

NO, all models that you purchase are added to your PRIVATE COLLECTION which is available in your member area of

Is this Private & Confidential?

Definitely! You can rest assured that membership details are maintained in the strictest of confidence at all times. We respect your privacy.

Do you share your membership database?

Definitely not! Our commitment to you is that we never give anyone else access to your membership details.

Can I download as much as I want?

Yes if you have full membership! You have unlimited access to download ALL the movies and pictures on the site and keep as you want.

Is there any other charges?

No. Your membership fee covers everything; there are no hidden charges here!

What happens if something goes wrong during my membership?

If you are experiencing any issues that stop you from enjoying our site during your membership, all you need to do is contact our Support Staff and they will do everything they can to help you. You can also reach the support staff by email, support [at] They are available 7 days a week!

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