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Hi Guy’s remember me? It’s Kassey, I know it’s a while. I’ve been at home in Russia hanging out and of course partying with my friends. After a while my body and mind started craving really naughty things so I decided to cum back to Prague for a few days because I always have such a good time. Late last night right before I came back to the place I was staying I stopped by the sex shop and picked myself a Big Black ribbed Dildo to play with myself today. I got myself all dolled up and ready to play and then I got on my knees up on my bed and grabbed my new Dildo. I began licking and sucking getting it all nasty and wet and then I began rubbing my body all over. I rubbed my dildo down my body and slipped it in my panties from above and then I pulled my bra down and started rubbed my Dildo on my horny nipples. I took off my bra and tossed it on the floor and started rubbing my pussy up and down, I could feel my self getting hot from the inside out. I got my eager into Doggy and gave my Dildo another suck and then started rubbing on my pussy teasing myself like crazy. I pulled my panties to the side and started rubbing my pussy and playing with my clit, reaching back and spreading my ass wide open so I could really get at myself good. I rolled over onto my back lifted my leg and pulled my panties back to the side and then I started playing with my pussy from above as I began teasing my little ass hole from down below. I stuck my fingers in my mouth and then I rubbed them on my pussy and clit getting myself even more excited than I already was. I stood up and pulled my panties down and then I laid down on my back and started sucking my Big Black Dildo before slipping in side my horny pussy. I started fucking my pussy and rubbing my clit giving myself two pleasures at once. I rolled over onto my side and spread my ass open wide giving my self an open road as I continued fucking my pussy. I got up into Doggy and spread my ass and started rubbing my Dildo up and down the outside of my pussy and then I stuck it back inside and fucked pussy hard and deep. I pulled my Dildo from my wet pussy and stuck it straight in my mouth, I just love tasting how sweet my pussy is. I rolled over and laid on my back lifting my legs and spreading them cum fuck me wide and then I went right back to fucking my self and playing with my horny pink clit. I was trying to hold out as long as I could but I could feel my pussy twitching deep inside so I started fucking my pussy as fast as I could until I had a massive orgasm. I slid my Dildo from my wet pussy and stuck it back in my mouth, it was warm, wet and sweet, like handmade cherry pie. I rubbed my Dildo across my nipples and tits and then I licked and kissed it all over before sticking it back in my mouth for one last final suck.
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